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Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

FUSE Artist Residency: Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening
Supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council
at Videotage, Hong Kong
2 Feb – 11 Mar 2018

‘Through slow-moving videos, images, and objects that are oft missed, Fong creates an encounter with the everyday in a controlled environment to allow the visitor to be with the urban in a different way. Many of the images are personal to Fong, and he brings in three textual perspectives (including this one) to obscure this narrative of his memories, opening them up to be shared. Bringing in media art theory into more traditional image-making practices, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening employs a light touch in a grand gesture toward a place where we can choose to be still.’

– Excerpt from Hera Chan’s text, The Freedom To Be Still

香港錄映太奇 FUSE 藝術家駐場: 雪夜林邊

透過在日常常被忽視的錄像、圖像及物件緩慢的移動,方氏在特定的環境內讓觀眾以日常以外的方式感受城市。作品中源用方氏私密的圖像,他引用了三個文本作為作品的切入點,混淆了對其回憶的敍述,開放予觀眾加以幻想。結合媒體藝術理論及傳統製圖方法,雪夜林邊 壯麗地輕描淡寫出選擇安穩的空間及狀態。

– 節錄自陳思穎所寫的文章《面向安穩的自由》並由姚玠廷從英文原文翻譯

Exhibition view

At the entrance, visitor picks up one of the catalogues and misses out the two others which look seemingly identical. In fact, each catalogue contains a different text that guides the visitor to an alternative experience of the same exhibition.
參觀者在展覽入口拿起其中一本場刊,錯過了貌似完全相同的另外兩本。 實際上 , 每本場刊內有不同的文本,引導觀眾在同一個展覽裏經歷不同的體驗。

Digital print on paper, A5, 32 pages, 3 in a set, 2018
紙上數碼打印, A5, 32 頁, 3本1組, 2018

Dye sublimation print on voile, 140 cm x 260 cm, 2 in a set, 2018
透明紗上熱昇華印刷, 140 米 x 260 厘米, 2件1組, 2018

Lambda prints, table, chairs, carpet, size variable, 2018
能達相片, 檯, 櫈, 地氈, 可變尺寸, 2018

Digital video projection on wall, HDV, colour, 20 minutes, 2018
牆上數碼錄像投影, 高清, 彩色, 20分鐘, 2018

Digital photo projection on screen, 2018
屏幕上數碼相片投影, 2018
Digital video on TV, HDV, colour, 16 minutes, 2018
電視機中數碼錄像, 高清, 彩色, 16分鐘, 2018

Digital printed vinyl on plexiglass, 30 cm x 20 cm, 2018
亞加力膠片上數碼貼紙打印, 30 厘米 x 20 厘米, 2018

Photo & rainbow film on stainless steel, motor, 40 cm x 40 cm, 2018
不鏽鋼片, 相片, 彩虹膜, 摩打, 40 厘米 x 40 厘米, 2018

Mixed media tucked in You Come Too, 21.1 cm x 14.5 cm x 1.8 cm, 2018
《 你也來》 書中混合媒介, 21.1 厘米 x 14.5 厘米 x 1.8 厘米, 2018

Visitor participates in the exhibition according to the instructions in the Exhibition Guide.

Printed catalogues available, please contact via