Flat D

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2015 Durational Installation
Table, grey plastic tray, watch, attendant in formal wear, wooden door, soundproof walls and ceiling, laminate flooring, wall skirting, aluminum window with sanded glass, air-conditioner, wall paint, steel wall hanger, curtain, light bulb, kinetic light system
300 cm x 220 cm x 250 cm, 10 minutes

In front of a door, there is a person sitting on a chair. When you get close, this person greets you and asks if you want to enter. However, you are only allowed to enter individually, without your mobile phone, camera, electronic devices and books, etc. After you enter, the door would be locked, and it would only be unlock after 10 minutes. You would sign an agreement to confirm your decision at your own risk. Inquiries about what is behind the door would not be answered. Every visitor is only allowed to enter the door once for the whole exhibition period.

There is overwhelming information all around that numbs our senses. We are constantly forced to fool our basic observation of our daily life surroundings. In urban city life like Hong Kong, it’s almost impossible to be alone. We are always occupied and distracted. With mobile communications, it gets even “better”. That actually hinders us to understand ourselves and our needs. It is believed by many and even proved that, indulge in boredom helps creativity. This work tries to offer a solitary meditative experience which is free from social pressure and provide guidance to inner exploration.

Exhibited in
《The 20th ifva Awards – Media Art Category Finalist Exhibition》
Pao Galleries Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong, 2015
An attendant sits next to the entrance of Flat D to control the operation.

A grey tray is used for visitors to leave their belongings (mobile phone, camera, watch and etc.).

Visitors are obliged to read the agreement carefully before entering Flat D. A watch is used for the attendant to keep time.

The attendant locks the door after the visitor has entered Flat D.

Light from outside the window scatters on the wall and the floor. It changes slowly across the room.

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Air conditioner creates an atmosphere with ambient mechanical sound, temperature and humidity.

Sometimes the room turns darker.

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Instructional/Documentation Video