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The Work Report for Museum Ludwig

2014 Photo-Text
Lambda Print on aluminium Dibond in frame
155.5 cm x 38 cm x 3.6 cm (Two in a set)

In April 2014, I managed to get a part-time job. I was excited but nervous. It was to work as a performer in Museum Ludwig. I had to dress formal and look decent. So I bought a suit. On the opening day, the artist guided three of us, the ‘name announcers’, by himself. We had to stand at an exact position at the exhibition entrance. We had to ask every visitor for their names and then announce them really loudly into the exhibition space. The job was in shift-based. Each shift lasted for 4 hours. I worked 4 shifts a week.

At the beginning, it was not easy, especially when I wore a watch. I thought 30 minutes passed, but when I look at my 40-year-old mechanical watch, the minute hand just turned by 30 degrees. In order to kill boredom, I counted how many spotlights are there on the ceiling; how large the space is by counting the number of tiles. I tried different strategies of taking breaks, every 5 minutes for 30 minutes or every 10 minutes per hour, to make things feel faster. I watched the daylight change on the wall. I imagine how the weather changed outside, and how the tourists took photos of Dom.

Another colleague asked me another day, ‘How do you feel standing 4 hours straight?” ‘I don’t feel anything anymore. I just look at the white wall’, I smiled.

Exhibited in
Alle berichten darüber: Dokumentarische Fotografie
CASE – Project room of Photography, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, 2014

2014- 照片-文字
155.5 厘米 x 38 厘米 x 3.6 厘米 (一組兩件)

20144, 我終找到一份兼職工作。當時我既興奮又緊張。這份工是在科隆一間著名藝術館內擔任一名表演員。衣着方面要求整齊及得體,所以我特地買了一套西裝。展覽開幕當日,藝術家親自指導我們這三位報名員。工作期間我必須站在展覽入口的同一位置。我詢問每位觀眾的姓名,隨即大聲向展覽方向宣讀出來。這份工是輪班制的。每班四小時,一星期四班。


《alle berichten darüber》 – 紀錄攝影展,德國科隆媒體藝術學院CASE攝影項目空間 2014

Below are the excerpts of the work from 22 June 2014

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