We each walked 2000 kilometers to say good-bye

2012 Digital Video
HDV/ Color/ Sound/ 9’46”

It is an exploration question of Love – how long does love last? In seeking meanings of life, some people find love as the answer. German words Leben and Liebe write and pronounce so similarly and that manifests the cultural mentality of the people in equality of Life and Love. Questions followed – Does all Love end? Why and how does it end?   Instead of hectic urban cityscape, this work I chose to work with a hundred years old dam built by the nature. It is a self-exploratory project. I situate myself in this magnificent monument, which has the natural feel yet highly artificial. The dam stops water flows through and over for a specific reason. A story is told in 3 perspectives and to be shown in 3 locations. First-person, third-person perspective and the omniscient narration helps to illustrate and examine floating quality of a story.   The text of this work is developed from and inspired by works of others, from selected films, poetries, old anonymous postcards from flea market and antique stores, novels, interviews and most importantly Marina Abramovic’s and Ulay’s collaborative work The Lovers: The Great Wall Walk. The diversity of text attempts to exploit audience’s comprehension and interpretation to where lingually unreachable.

Exhibited in
Inventing Dreams
Weeds Studio, Hong Kong


高清/ 彩色/ 有聲/ 9分46秒

探討愛情問題一則 − 「她」可以存活多久?  一些人認為「她」是生存的意義。舉例在德語中 ’Leben’ 與 ‘Liebe’ 串字讀音非常相近,或可見其文化思維將生活和愛情看成對等。又問:愛情都會終結嗎?為甚麼?這是怎樣發生的? 在這次創作中,我走離都市繁囂,來到一所背靠自然的百年水壩之前,進行一個自我探索的習作。站於這所壯麗古蹟之前,感覺它既悠然,亦相當人工化,它阻隔滾滾流水唯我們所用。我在三個地方、以三種觀點 – 第一身、第三身及全知來敍說一個流動不停的故事。 作品的文本從其他創作中轉化而成,選自電影、新詩、舊名信片、小說及訪談,而當中最受瑪麗娜•阿伯拉莫維奇所啟發。嘗試以文本的多樣性開拓觀眾對作品不止於語言所及的理解及闡釋。

《發明了 發夢》香港勁草工作室, 2012

Part II – Documentation with dialogue