Waiting 等待

2009 Digital Video
HDV/ Color/ 43′

At Times Square in Hong Kong, I wait for people staying on the bench, who are probably waiting for someone. Videos are shot and edited for audience experience.

Waiting is a transitional stage before an event happens and time might be meaningful because of waiting. To me, waiting is an uneasy play with time in which it induces emotions dramatically and sometimes sufferings. It gives an intense experience of time and being, sometimes it is like a meditation or self reflection.

Since the advancement of technology, especially in transportation and communication, waiting becomes a basic part of daily life in the contemporary society. Much time is saved but people are less patient.

When economic effect and efficiency become the sole considerations for time measurement, an inhuman society will come as no surprise.

Exhibited in
a place changes as we look agnes b.’s LIBRAIRIE GALERIE, Hong Kong, 2009

2009 數碼錄像
/ 43′





香港 agnes b.’s LIBRAIRIE GALERIE, 2009

Video stills