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Stolen Times for Sale 販賣偷來的時間

2008 Video Installation/ Performance
Exhibited in

Move On Asia 2010 Single Channel Video Art Festival(Touring Exhibition)
Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong; Tate Modern, London  Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul, Korea;
《Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Award 2009
Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong
The 14th ifva (Interactive Media Category) Finalist Works Exhibition
4/F, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, 2009
Anonymity – The Debut Solo Exhibition of Silas Fong
Artist Commune, Cattle Depot Artists Village, Hong Kong, 2008

New Trend 2008Artist Commune, Cattle Depot Artists Village, Hong Kong, 2008
Graduation Exhibition, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2008

We are merchants
Everyday we purchase

Time for money
Money for time

I sell the stolen times
For reasonable price

Silas Fong is the first merchant in Hong Kong, for giving customers outstanding value for money, the highest quality in fresh time.

The performer steals time from strangers through pressing the button of elevators. The stolen times are recorded as video and are being exhibited in a gallery. Visitors can purchase and take away these times, which are extracted into a CD with money from the performer. According to the duration, number of people involved, their approximate age, appearance and response, prices for stolen times are different. The video sequences once sold are replaced by “SOLD – XX SECONDS FOR $XXX”, and are being shown together with the unsold ones.


第十四屆ifva互動媒體組入圍作品展,香港藝術中心四樓包氏畫廊, 2009
不知名》方琛宇首個個人展覽,牛棚藝術村藝術公社, 2008
出爐2008大專藝術畢業生群展,牛棚藝術村藝術公社, 2008
Current》畢業展,香港浸會大學視覺藝術院畫廊, 2008




透過升降機的按鍵,陌生人的時間被偷走,這些偷來的時間被攝成錄像在畫廊中展出。參觀者可自由選購時間,表演 者將它放進光碟隨顧客帶走。被偷來的時間根據長度、片中人數、他們的年齡、外貌及反應,價格各有不同。而己售的時間片段,即時被換上“已售 – XX秒 XXX元” 的字樣,與還未被出售的錄像繼續播放。

Catalogue for stolen times

above: Silas Fong selling time