Memory Disorder

2011  Web Page
Approx. 10 mins depends on internet connection speed

Is there an order for memories? I wonder how they are arranged so that the scenes in our mind somehow appear randomly. Are they organised according to chronological order or according to the relevance of one’s state of mind? Cinema to me is an art of memories.
Cinema works with how the images that one sees are associated with the lost and remembered images and imagined ones. It manipulates the perspective and the perception of time by the audience. In this work I try to create an experience of memories and imagination by letting moving images appear and disappear. Footage ranges from telecined super 8 film, web cam, photographs and digital video cameras at different qualities. It is displayed in a web browsing environment in multi-channels. With different internet connection speed, system of the computer and the dimension of monitor, the work can be viewed differently in the sequential arrangement and content narrated.

Exhibited in
The Order of Thingsa net video art exhibition
Netfilmmakers, Copenhagen, Denmark
Videotage, Hong Kong