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Vocabulary: Understanding Your Art Professor and Make Life Easier

Artist’s zine
A6, 48 pages, black & white, softcover

Understanding your art professor is not easy, let alone the unpleasant atmosphere during a critique session. Art professors receive complaints from time to time that they are being too direct and traumatize the students. In order not to hurt the students’ feeling and receive a negative lecture evaluation, a few professors have developed a set of specific language to interact with the students and comment on their art projects.

When you peek through the window of an art college into the art world, you might wonder what else cannot be art. And you are already asked to create artwork. You want to make amazing work and get a high score. Therefore you consult your professor. Unfortunately, the advice you heard from your professor makes you more confused.

For the first time, with this pocketbook, you can explore the vocabulary and phrases that your professors often use. You will acquire the technique to understand your professor, better and faster. Hopefully, you will understand what your art professor means in the end.