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Small Talk

Sample Conversations for Your Perfect Date and Successful Meeting

Exhibited at Duddell’s, Hong Kong, 2 Aug – 23 Sep 2018
Booked 2019: Tai Kwun Contemporary Hong Kong Art Book Fair

Artist’s book
15 cm × 10 cm × 1.5 cm, 100 pages

Small Talk is a small coffee-table book that visitors can flip through while having a drink and chatting with their peers. Instead of
beautiful and colorful pictures, this book collects pre-written dialogues, offers for the visitors to act out when they run out of words.

For this special occasion, aims for a practical use in social situations. Readers could choose from a list of sample conversations
collected from anonymous source and improvise when they are running out of words. At the same time, the book also arouses reader’s awareness
of the surrounding socio-physical setting.