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Working in Hollywood 在荷里活工作

2010 Dual-channel digital video
HDV/ Color/ No sound/ 43’

Working for a job at Hollywood Road in Hong Kong for more than a year, I often see workers taking rest from their very hard work, they are smoking, lying and chatting at some hidden places. These may be their real moment of freedom and space in their daily lifes. In search of the community in their realistic and idealistic lifes, I try to represent the spaces of these people of working class with their private space, time, characters, dialogue (monologue) and imagination.

Exhibited in
Re-Orientation Former Married Police Quarter, Central, Hong Kong, 2010

2010 雙頻數碼錄像

/彩色/無聲/ 43


香港荷里活道前已婚警察宿舍, 2010

Video stills

Video Excerpt