Art Map 藝術地圖

2008 – Present
Performance/ Business cards
Dimension variable

Exhibited in
《Anonymity – The Debut Solo Exhibition of Silas Fong》
Artist Commune, Cattle Depot Artists Village, Hong Kong, 2008

Since March 2008, I always attend art events and exhibitions’ opening. I have collected many business cards and witnessed numerous magnificent events in the Hong Kong art scene. I try to draw a map of ecology relating to art by selecting some events and their corresponding cards.

Each panel represents an art event, contains the cards of the people I know and I meet. There is only one copy of the card collected from the owner when I first met. The others are all colour copies. The card owners are invited to sign on the panel at their corresponding cards when Art Map is being exhibited.

2008 – 現在
名片 尺寸不一

《不知名》方琛宇首個個人展覽,牛棚藝術村藝術公社, 2008




The overview of Art Map
in ‘Anonymity – The Debut Solo Exhibition of Silas Fong’ at Artist Commune

Janet CHAN was signing on her business card

LEE Chun Fung was signing on her business card

Details of Art Map
Each map contains cards representing people that the author knew or just met in a particular event.