In some seconds 轉眼

2009 Dual screen video installation
HDV/ Color/ 16’44”, 16’41”

A video is shot on a bus towards the street on passers-by.

In a populous city, a specific person could only be captured in a random manner whenever the bus stops, not before or after, and just for some seconds.

I chose a lane I travel weekly for shooting. The footages, taken in different time are sequenced into two 16:9 videos with slightly different duration and order, being back projected on two screens facing each other. In such way they are hung to create a narrow “moving” space/path to embrace the audience in between, and an experimental cinematic space for the encounter between the audience and the people in each of the two screens.

Exhibited in
Some roomsOsage Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, 2009




Some rooms奧沙畫廊,香港  2009

Screenshots of the video