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Part of the Group exhibition titled Mark CHUNG, Silas FONG, Nicole WONG
Gallery Exit, Hong Kong
29 Jul – 19 Aug 2017

Silas FONG is interested in our struggle to remain calm and focused in an urban environment flooded with information. He often explores this problem with the help of found objects drawn from the world of technology. The video “Focus Test”, for example, consists of a series of tests charts for cameras. Their geometrical patterns, designed to determine the focusing ability of optical lenses, are equally challenging to the human eye. FONG’s fascination with test patterns is also evident in “Nozzle Check/Head Alignment”, a printout whose original purpose was to verify the proper function of a printer. Its fragile array of colour fields and lines is a constant reminder of how little it takes to become misadjusted, for both machines and humans.

在充斥大量資訊的現代都市環境,人們為了保持平靜心境和專注力,往往面對掙扎。方琛宇以此為創作題材,並從科技世界挪用現成物,探討這方面的問題。錄像作品《Focus Test》由一連串相機測試卡所組成,上面的幾何圖案原意為測試相機鏡頭的對焦度,但也是對觀者專注力的考驗。打印紙本作品《Nozzle Check/Head Alignment》也清晰體現了他對測試形式的興趣,其原本功能是檢驗打印機的性能,單薄隱現在紙上的排列色域與線條,顯示出機器和人類均易於進入錯誤調整的狀態。

– Ashley Chan

Exhibition view

Wallpaper 牆紙, 2017, digital print on photo paper 290 x 140 cm set of 2

Focus Test 對焦測試, 2017, digital video 12’51”

Photo Projection 照片投影, 2017, digital projection on wall, dimension variable

Screen Time 螢幕時間, 2017, LED TV, bed, digital video, 7’00″

Nozzle Check/Head Alignment 打印排列測試, 2017, digital print on photo rag 308 gsm paper, 70 cm x 50 cm

Grain Focus 微粒觀察, 2017, LED light panel, glass, film negatives, 10x base magnifier, 100x microscope, 50 cm x 77 cm x 13 cm