Writing to reach you

Collaborative work with Wendy Ng
By I’m almost there. 幾乎做了
– An artist met a designer (or the other way round) for almost a year. Through their struggles and misunderstandings in communication, they felt the need to express their contradictory thoughts and awaited for the unexpected agreements.

2011 Spray paint, wall paint, wood, digital Video

Every day we write to each other, but what we know of us? I tell you ‘I’m thinking of you’ in all sort of ways, do you weigh the message same as I? The group I’m almost there. is taking this chance to bring awareness on the topic of mobile communication technology and its impact to us. Technology has the power to shape or construct our interpersonal relationships, yet the realisations on some of us are uncertain. How much effect do we actually pay to reach out for a person or to a society? It is believed that the quantity of communication offered by technology does not reflect its quality, while the perception and the necessity of communication technology is yet to define…

I’m almost there
. would try to provide alternative perspectives on the consumption of intangible commodity.

Exhibited in
Detour 2011: Useless》Former Married Police Quarter, Central, Hong Kong

Exhibition overview

Viewing Area – The best spot for the imaginary exhibition

Imaginary projection screen with specification

QR code for accessing an online image of projection screen

Imaginary working table with specification and QR code to access an online image of it

Guided description of the imaginary exhibition and user manual for accessing the online video works

Video stills