Anonymity 不知名

The Debut Solo Exhibition of Silas Fong  方琛宇首個個人展覽



Young artist Silas Fong Sum-yu is making good use of being anonymous in his everyday life to investigate the relation between people, focus on the tension between public and private. Silas Fong silently captured the aesthetics features of uncertainty and randomness in tangible places and intangible spaces. Silas Fong shows his disillusions through investigation in the form of photograph, video, installation and performance.

Anonymity: the quality or state of being unknown or unacknowledged. What is the feeling of approaching someone or being approached anonymously? Does anonymity induce curiosity or curiosity generates anonymity? Everyday when we are going to work, eating in restaurant or surfing on internet, we would come across hundreds of strangers, they are nameless, unidentified and incognito. Does that mean we have no connections with them? Anonymous feelings and relations are being generated when location and people are unidentified. The artist takes an anonymous role in the local art scene, suggesting his state of emergence and not being well-known.

開幕表演|Opening Performance: 1 Nov 2008, 4:30pm
展覽結束|Exhibition ends 19 Nov 2008
免費入場|Free Admission
策展人|Curator: 羅偉珊 Susie LAW Wai-shan

藝術家簡歷 | Artist Biography :

Born and based in Hong Kong. Silas Fong received his BA (Hons) Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2008. Fong worked on mixed media, photography and installation. He is especially interested in daily life, perception, time, relationship, money, strangers and the mass media. His research bases on his engagement into social and personal relationships. Recently, he experiments ideas through video, performances and hypermedia.

Stolen Times for Sale 販賣偷來的時間
2008 Video installation/ Performance 錄像裝置/行為

Surveil the Strangers 跟蹤陌生人
2008 Weblog/Computer installation  網誌/電腦裝置

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媒體報導 | Media coverage:
2008.11.14 HK Magazine – Hello, Stranger!
2008.11.06 SingTao Daily – The Aesthetics of Surveillance
2008.11.03 AM730 – Anonymous random aesthetics

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