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Exhibition: The Day the Gods Stopped Laughing




老細請, 2018
19 厘米 x 9 厘米

神秘訪客, 2018
67 厘米 × 47 厘米

對白設計書, 2018
15 厘米 × 10 厘米 × 1.5 厘米, 100 頁

請慢用, 2018
衣物, 人體模型, 塑膠食物模型

In 1959, Mark Rothko accepted a commission from Four Seasons restaurant in New York City. “I hope to paint something that will ruin the appetite of every son of a bitch who ever eats in that room”. Sounds dramatic enough, but he failed and returned the money because he found that ‘people can stand anything these days’. I was curious about what I could do in a high-end restaurant, while contributing to the context of this exhibition.

On the House invites visitors to discover a drink menu on the bar table. Visitors choose from a list of dramatic instructions and perform to get a complimentary drink. Mystery Visitor is a commissioned report written by a professional mystery shopper. After discussion with the artist, a scenario is created and the mystery shopper pays a secret visit during the exhibition opening reception. The evaluation assesses the experience of the art exhibition held in the restaurant through common business concerns. Small Talk is a small coffee-table book that visitors can flip through while having a drink and chatting with their peers. Instead of beautiful and colorful pictures, this book collects pre-written dialogues ( offered for the visitors to act out when they run out of words. Enjoy Your Meal! is a scene recreated to depict the McRefugee phenomenon and related issues happening in Hong Kong.

Duddell’s, Hong Kong
2 Aug – 23 Sep 2018

On the House, 2018
Note tucked in drink menu at the bar
19 cm x 9 cm

Mystery Visitor, 2018
Digital print on paper
67 cm × 47 cm

Small Talk, 2018
Artist’s book
15 cm × 10 cm × 1.5 cm, 100 pages

Enjoy Your Meal!, 2018
Clothing, dummy, plastic food model
Dimension variable

(left): Small Talk  | (左):《對白設計書》
(right): On the House  | (右):《老細請》

Dining Table Book | 《對白設計書》

Dining Table Book | 《對白設計書》

Enjoy Your Meal!  | 《請慢用!》

Enjoy Your Meal!  | 《請慢用!》

Enjoy Your Meal! (detail)  | 《請慢用!》(局部)

Enjoy Your Meal!  (Opening Reception) | 《請慢用!》(開幕酒會)

Photos courtesy of the artist and Duddell’s Hong Kong