Interview Service Provider 陌生人訪問服務

2013-  Video installation
HDV/ Color/ Sound

Complete statement and interview questions

Silas Fong invites online stalker to suggest a target which he would approach and conduct video interview with. The stalkers set questions according to his knowledge to the stalkees. The stalkee was not told the identity of the stalker at any course. The stalkee then sits for an interview. During this interview the stalkee unavoidably created an image of the stalker and represented themselves with response to this imagination. The video was shown to the stalker after it is edited and commentary are done according to the discrepancy of the stalkee’s in fantasy and reality. In this work, audience is actually looking from the stalkers perspective while being aware of his/her mental activity according to the video.

Dear Stranger,

Are there people in your social networks that you don’t even know, that you have never seen, that you are not too familiar with. There maybe someone whom you are curious about, and have even watched for some time.

Have you ever thought of knowing them further without disclosing yourself?
If you have, we can help.
This is an invitation to enjoy our service.
We would help you to interview these strangers, and you would have the chance to comment on your strangers freely. We assure you that your identity would be kept confidential.

If you are intrigued, please kindly contact us by email via

Yours sincerely,
Silas Fong
Interview Service Provider

Exhibited in
《Sky ++
Digital Community Art Exhibition, Goethe Institute, Hong Kong 2013








,香港歌德學院畫廊 2013



Video Excerpt

Video stills

Social network now allows us to get in and out of a stranger’s life without any difficulty. The greatest advantage of all is you can meet an enormous crowd of strangers in no time. It might be incorrect to stalk a stranger’s life without notice. However, a stranger has clearly granted such permission once their photos, information and thought are uploaded to the public domain. Don’t feel guilty about your curiosity. It should be shared and talked as hobbies for pleasure. After all, aren’t we all curious to know more about that familiar stranger?

The Service
Interview Service Provider (ISP) makes the world more open while being able to keep people disconnected. Enjoy the excitement and being safe at the same time.

We now offer stalkers the opportunities to know more about a stranger further through social networks.

We would help a stalker to interview a desired stranger (stalkee). ISP professional conduct guarantees that the stalker’s identity be kept confidential by both parties (ISP and the stalker).

When a stalker agrees to participate, ISP would approach this stalkee to sit for a video interview.

ISP would ask for the stalkee’s permission. When granted, ISP asks the stalker to provide 10 questions and 1 message for the stalkee. One single rule applies – any question or message that potentially suggests the stalkers’ identity would not be entertained.

Both ISP and the stalker shall never disclose the identity of the stalker by any means.

The video would be roughly edited and shown to the stalker. The stalker proceeds to comment on the stalkee and the video (commentary) as written text with ISP guidance.

The commentary would be made according to stalkee’s behaviour, and the discrepancy between the stalker’s fantasy and reality. Therefore the stalker is required to comment on the video in general but not just the stalkee.

After the final editing and adjustment by ISP, the interviews would be released in selected public occasions as a form of moving image. It would include the video interviews, the recorded speech of the stalkee and commentaries as subtitle by stalkers.

We would not disclose the stalkee’s response to the stalker’s message to any party.

It is ISP’s professional endeavor to satisfy any stalker’s curiosity and keep the stalkee’s curiosity ravenous.





陌生人訪問服務(ISP)令世界變得更加開放而保持人與人之間的安全距離。享受刺激同時不失安全感。我們正為跟蹤者提供良機,令他們對陌生人的了解不再止於社交網絡上的認識。我們會為跟蹤者訪問他們滿懷好奇的陌生人。經相方同意及合作 (ISP與跟蹤者),ISP的專業操守保證跟蹤者的身份將永遠保密。當跟蹤者同意後,陌生人訪問服務將會邀請這個被跟蹤者接受錄像訪問。


其中設立一條重要的規則 – 任何有可能透露跟蹤者身份的問題或口訊都不會獲得接納。

ISP 和跟蹤者雙方訂約永不以任何方式洩露跟蹤者的身份。






ISP 將竭力滿足跟蹤者的好奇心同時半吊着被跟蹤者的好奇心。