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Sitcom 連續劇

Curated by Anthony Yung

Observation Society, Guangzhou
20 Oct 2012– 1 Dec 2012

I observed that green colour carefully – how should I describe it? That green was as mysterious as the heart of a gentle and calm devil, if one can know his heart?

I don’t mean to talk like this, as if without coherence, but there are always all these fascinating little tricks that seem to distract me from the necessary details.

How did those two frightened seals arouse my interest? Oh, I forgot to tell you, it was a Tuesday Afternoon and I was drinking warm beer. Later, I saw two animals in weird costumes outside the window and the sky was full of thick clouds – I must have seen them somewhere else.

I don’t know… I have this feeling of always hanging on, always wanting to know what will happen next.

I can only count on luck, waiting for the muse to come and nourish my curiosity. I sometimes bump into her, when she is washing dishes in kitchen; sometimes I find her behind her behind the door of the fridge looking for something. She always seems to be busy with whatever trivial thing comes her way.

What do you stare at, when you daydream? I usually stare at myself, always with the feeling that I’m also being stared at by someone else.

All these stories have passed and yet still they recur everyday, seemingly without end. I can no longer distinguish between the memories and the premonitions; it’s like I am watching several wonderful sitcoms unfolding at the same time.


策展人 翁子健


我小心地觀察那點綠色 - 怎麼形容呢?它總在變,就好比一位斯文淡定的魔鬼。你怎樣可能猜得透他的心?


那兩隻戰戰兢兢的海獅如何討好了我?哦,我沒有告訴你,那是周二午後,當我正喝着溫暖的啤酒。後來,我又在窗外發現兩隻打扮古怪的動物,在堆着厚雲天空下 - 我好像在哪裡見過他們。






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Henessy Road, Photography, 2011

Berlin Zoologischer Garten, Photography, 2012

Karlsaue Park, Photography, 2012

Aldrich Garden, Photography, 2008

Amsterdam Artis Zoo, Photography, 2008

Bali Kino, Photography, 2012

Park-in Commercial Centre, Photography, 2012

Cheryl, Super 8mm transferred to Video, 2 min 25 sec

Video Clips, Video, 5 min 30 sec

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