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That Promise

Exhibited at King Sejong and Music: Chihwapyeong, Presidential Archives, Sejong City, Korea
5 – 31 Oct 2019

3 Channel Digital Video
6 minutes 50 seconds, 4K, Sound

A promise that forgotten, the voices not heard; the hope that vanished, the right not respected – these are the sound of a score of unrest, composed of fire and water, silence and chaos, in darkness and flashes. No one can tell the ending. In peace and harmony, who not desired? But without freedom and justice, never. Now they know it comes, not without a cost. And they sing the song over the ocean, draw the world to hear. Shame! Still, I sit in front of a window, move not a muscle.

Chihwapyeong, in Hanja 致和平, it means ‘to peace’. It is like a letter to someone or somewhere far away. It is hope and wish. Hong Kong was seen by many as one of the most advanced cities in the world. It was not long ago people in Hong Kong still enjoyed peace and freedom. Now it became a distant memory. Thousands of young Hongkonger could fight and die for it. At the time of glory and happiness we sing, at the moment of grief and disaster, so do we sing. This work is a visual symphony composed of elements from the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong. It is the longing of an artist to the place he was born.